And maybe if we're lucky we'll get a few special extras filmed for the theater showings as well. They do need to get somebody else to write their pre-movie trivia questions though. Most were pretty damn stupid, but at least two of their answers were flat-out wrong. » 7/25/14 9:00pm Friday 9:00pm

The Doctor will always be the Doctor, so there are certain elements you shouldn't expect to change. Personally, I think 12 is closer to Colin Baker than any of the other docs, with the possible exception of Eccleston. Mind you, that's Colin Baker done right, with plenty of snark, disdain, and bouts of pragmatism… » 7/13/14 6:36pm 7/13/14 6:36pm

Cool. At least I'll have a chance to see this one. Does anybody know what became of 1 (the film based on One Human Minute)? It's right up there with LFO and Prey on the list of "foreign movies I want to watch with titles specifically designed to confound all search engines." » 7/11/14 6:36pm 7/11/14 6:36pm

I'm not 100% sure if it qualifies as sci-fi, but Strange Luck. Why the hell isn't this show on DVD? It had the best premise ever, which was to have a guy who attracted really weird coincidences. If he walks into a bank, it gets robbed. If he takes an elevator, he'll end up having to deliver a baby. If he goes on a… » 7/10/14 6:02pm 7/10/14 6:02pm