Non-news regarding rumors of further recovered Doctor Who

I hate April. There was a rumor circulating around the various Doctor Who forums that we should expect an announcement from either the BBC or TIEA (the company responsible for recovering prints of Enemy of the World and Web of Fear) later this month regarding the discovery of additional missing episodes, possibly the… » 4/10/14 9:51pm Thursday 9:51pm

I managed to lay my hands on an advanced reader copy of Afterparty, which I'm about halfway through, and loving it so far. I don't think it'll trounce Raising Stony Mayhall, as my favorite Gregory novel, but so far it seems reminiscent of one of the better Chuck Palahniuk novels seen through the lens of Vernor Vinge's » 4/08/14 3:44pm 4/08/14 3:44pm

I knew before I even read the article that the Intelligent Design folks would latch onto the "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth" line, completely missing the point that evolution is neither impossible nor improbable, and every single scrap of evidence we… » 4/06/14 5:09pm 4/06/14 5:09pm

I need to find the plans for that console pronto. I have all the classic Character Building figures, but I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with a way to construct a proper 6-sided console out of traditional Lego pieces. (I figured it would need to use those trapezoid bricks attached to the hinge blocks, but … » 4/06/14 2:23pm 4/06/14 2:23pm

Waxwork II: Lost in Time » 3/26/14 8:27pm 3/26/14 8:27pm begins with the burning down of the wax museum from the first movie, and then immediately goes off into cheesy horror movie genre hopping, and never looks back. I enjoy both movies, but the second one is definitely way more fun. (Besides, where else are you going to see Bruce Campbell, Patrick…

Don't forget that next month on April 12th, BBC2 and BBC America will be premiering a brand new 4-part documentary series called The Real History of Science Fiction, including interviews with some of the greatest writers, filmmakers, actors, and artists in science fiction. Here's a short trailer for it: » 3/25/14 6:44pm 3/25/14 6:44pm

You can also play the same game with BBC sets. Originally built for the 1972 Doctor Who serial The Mutants, these geodesic triangle pattern walls were used and reused for over 30 years for a whole slew of productions including Blake's 7, Astronauts, The Crystal Maze, and even the ceiling of Nottingham Castle for The… » 3/23/14 3:52pm 3/23/14 3:52pm

Yep, not even close. Mugim0e's Flickr page has several more photos of Wednesday's filming including the Danny Pink character wearing one of the Sanctuary Base style orange space suits outside the TARDIS, and some green screen filming involving The Doctor up an alien tree with a set of binoculars. There was also some… » 3/22/14 2:06am 3/22/14 2:06am

I posted some much better photos and set report details here. But as you can tell from this shot of the front, it's a weird eyeless creature with strange antennae/eyestalks. Not even remotely Nimon-related. (Besides, we already got a Nimon shout-out in The God Complex)

The episode also involves the new male companion… » 3/21/14 10:56pm 3/21/14 10:56pm

Meet the latest Doctor Who monster (not actually a giant cow)

Filming for Episode 4 continued today, with our first proper glimpse at one of the new monsters being introduced in series 8, who seems to have wandered straight off the set of a Guillermo Del Toro flick. It's also more than likely the mysterious monster who was given the goofy cow-shaped silhouette at this year's… » 3/18/14 9:45pm 3/18/14 9:45pm